1_Analize the Company and the Product
2_Build the Concept
3_Make the Strategy
4_Produce all the Content
5_Do Digital Marketing

How we do it?
High quality research and Concept
at a Competitive Price
with Sophisticated Production Photot and Video Content
and also build all the communication elements
in addition to a Strong Digital & Marketing Strategy 


Made in Milan is an authentic Italian Brand Maker Studio, originating from the vision of a group of internationally renowned fashion professionals, based in Italy.

First the CONCEPT, then the rest :
It is the need of the hour to co-ordinate  and anticipate the contemporary global trends into the brand image and history for a strategic brand growth and development. Therefore, our approach is always to start from the concept which enables us to create a dynamically versatile idea; strong enough to synchronize it with each category/genre of the strategic content.

The studio offers a range of services to companies  to create and reinforce their brand image through publicity campaigns, website development and re-development, fashion shoots, catalogues, look books, and videos.

The positioning of the studio is  that of an organization which processes and executes long – term brand growth strategies via visually aesthetics and contemporary tools of communications across all virtual platforms.

Cutting ties with the traditional workings of an agency, Made In Milan successfully thrives to replace the tools of management for a VALUE ADDED experience. This is achieved through extensive – analytical researches, creation – development – management and execution of strong concepts with a global collaborative team of experts and talents that best suit the projects in order to deliver a clear understanding of the content that needs to be produced through optimized time and cost efficient means. The consequent result empowers you with a strong and resourceful battery of strategic content which you can plan for the time you need.

Made In Milan also produces photo – video and installation production with a co-ordinated team of art directors, photographers, fashion designers, graphic and web designers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, all internationally renowned and working towards a single united goal and vision.

The studio offers a range of complete packages at different prices, designed and tailored to meet the different needs of each company. The prices of these packages are very competitive and have the quality, care and art direction of the best of Italian production. 

The Studio is based in the centre of Milan, in the heart of the Italian fashion industry and is assisted by an office in Shanghai which can directly support the clients’ needs. The studio has an international reputation for providing a precise and coordinated style, made in Italy.



Leonardo Corallini
creative director/photo-video

Nicola Vaccina
design director

Diljeet Tejnani
Creative Research

Alex Ciuffreda
Video Maker and Editor



Jeremias Marendell, Marco Casino, Elisabetta Carli, Matteo Bennedet, Gianluca Aversano,
Maurizio Marconi, Andy Massaccesi, Davide Curzi, Enzo Casucci, Riccardo Barone, Davide Marchesi, Davide Fiorica, Barbara Quaini, Federica Balliano, Luigi Ziliani, Alexia Mariani, Andrea Bertolotti, Claudio Cecconi, Francesco Villa, Jennifer De Rosa, Victoria Chapman, Diljeet Tajnani